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43 thoughts on “Jake and Amir: Karate

  1. Oh shit! The scene where amir fails to dodge the gun shots is the identical to the Key and Peele sketch where the old war vet did the same thing. Im sure both sets copied from another source but its fun to see the connections.

  2. although it's a funny episode it annoys me that it doesn't fit in the whole narrative of the series. I know it's a proper fanboy thing to say but if amir stabbed Jake it would be mentioned in at least one other episode or shape the narrative in some way

  3. You know what I think was missing from the latest Jake and Amir videos? In the past, Amir was a dangerous, violent, psychopath with no morals. Now he's just a threatening psychopath with no morals. We need the violence back Amir!

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