Jake and Amir: Ground Rules

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46 thoughts on “Jake and Amir: Ground Rules

  1. technically those rules still apply to jake cause if its opposite day then the questions amir asked were also flipped. Also jake said yea to the ground rules so technically, nothing would happen since jakes yes's turned in to no's

  2. wait the opposite of Jake is Amir? Wouldn't it be a version of Jake that exists in a universe comprised entirely of antimatter? Scientifically it would be the polar opposite of Jake.

  3. What's the third picture on the wall behind Jake? First one is Dramatic Chipmunk, second one is Perhaps the Best Picture on CollegeHumor, and what's the third? EDIT: Someone on reddit helped me find it, it's a guy jumping in a shopping cart, find the article on CH called "Stunts Far More Impressive Than Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump". life = complete

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