Is Kanye West the Mythical Black Republican? – The Jim Jefferies Show – Exclusive – Uncensored

Jim Jefferies Show writer Curtis Cook investigates Kanye West’s recent Trump-supporting behavior and wonders whether he’s truly a black Republican or not.

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31 thoughts on “Is Kanye West the Mythical Black Republican? – The Jim Jefferies Show – Exclusive – Uncensored

  1. Michael Jordan may have it darker organ! But I would say he's right up there with Kanye, just not crazy! He's just self-absorbed and if you thought I made a mistake by putting Oregon in the comment I didn't! as I stated before and will continue to do so because in case you didn't your skin is the largest organ on the human body! so yes we've been slaughtering and murdering all over the color of a f**** organ

  2. Oh, come on guys. Armenia is in a region known as the Caucasus. Kardashians are literally Caucasian, by very recent ancestry. Since “Caucasian” is the word people toss around as a sort of euphemism for “white,” she is white.

  3. To answer the question, yes the Kardashians are white. Because Amenians come from Armenia, which is located between Asia and Europe. And it has a Greeco Roman based history, and is centrally located in the Caucasus region, where Caucasians come from. So yes, #KanyeWest is a black republican fully including his white wife. Lol.

  4. "I guess for voters of color, Democrats are the lesser of two evils, but sometimes that's the best option there is." "I don't know man; if I had my druthers we'd form our own party." It seems that both hosts recognize there are issues with both the Democratic and Republican parties ("two evils"). However, you're imposing a double standard when you don't also protest black Democrats as choosing the "lesser evil," but do protest their choice of the Republican party in that dilemma. Either apply the standard equally and say that black Americans shouldn't support either party, or preferably, allow all Americans their freedom of conscience to support whomever they choose. When you impose a choice onto a group of people, you become the oppressor you claim to be fighting, and that's precisely what Kanye West is illustrating when he says that people are suppressing his freedom of thought.

  5. Armenians are where the line blurs between the Indo-Europeans, the Turks, and the Caucasians, because Caucasians and the Indo-Europeans originate from that area and the Turks conquered and settled it in the early Medieval Era.

    Note: Turks meaning ethnic Turks, originating from Central Asia and the Mongolian Steppe, not citizens of the Ottoman Empire or the modern state of Turkey, because I know the Armenians are not and likely will never be comfortable with the Turkish, at least not until Turkey officially acknowledges the Armenian Genocide and apologizes for it.

  6. 1920's Republicans were the party of "the Black Man." Abraham Lincoln ran on abolition of slavery – put Republicans in power for first time. Former Republican president Theodore Roosevelt was first politician to propose "Universal Health Care for ALL Americans." in 1912. When Democrat President Johnson in '65 signed Civil Rights laws into effect, within 4 years the racists and bigots that made up the majority of Southern Democrats had moved into the Republican party. The South has been largely Republican for about 2 and a half generations. If any party has the best people running on liberal, social, democratic ideas – they drive out the bigots and the racists. Doesn't change human nature or corruption. Both parties suffer from that.

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