I’m Such A Nerd (with Katrina Bowden)

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36 thoughts on “I’m Such A Nerd (with Katrina Bowden)

  1. Okey I will fight her over Spirited Away. That’s my favorite thinking film outside of Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo. Though she’s right to watch them in the og Japanese. American voice actors are great but the original voices just suit the characters better. Sorry.

  2. I'd like to see the bit where they first have to explain to the actress what all of those things are. Especially warhammer. It blows my mind how much money and memory went on that in my pre-teens. The money's no big deal I guess (just would have been something else I grew out of) but the memory… Your brain is incredible receptive at that age. 25 years later I still remember tons of rules and stats for those games. But not, say, French. Or any of my degree.

  3. honestly? how can you call yourself a nerd when you can't name all the batman titles. ffs theres only like 5 going on at once and this is video was released after new 52 so theres pretty much just dark knight, detective comics, and batman. god.

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