If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

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24 thoughts on “If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook

  1. Lol I deleted fb ~4 years ago and I was just like pressing the delete button, why anybody should announce it and seek for attention because of it? Isn't it kinda hipocrisy? Also facebook is a venom in a person's social life so if you have an account there and you visit it very often (not like 2 times a day), you should really consider deleting it. The difference is solid.

  2. If this video were accurate, most of those other partygoers would be announcing their opinions into the room just like the guy leaving the party was. The rest of them would be fist-fighting with and/or shouting racist, politically-charged tirades at random strangers. And there would be a few people just quietly watching in the corner and jacking off.

  3. This can apply to twitter and Instagram as well. When people announce why they’re leaving Facebook, I ask myself why I am still seen as being weird for never signing up in the first place.

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