How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme

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50 thoughts on “How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme

  1. Meh weak episode. People eat bacon because it tastes good and it happens to be good with a lot of different foods items. It's already heavily apparent that it isn't good for you, even carcinogenic. But if it tastes good people don't care. Market something all you want but if it tastes like garbage then no one will it regardless.

  2. Ehm… So let me get this straight. When talking about woman pregnancy in an old age then the "doubling the chance of negative thing being only 0,5% growth of a total chance" matters but when talking about "bacon causing cancer" then 20% growth is a big deal even though it raises the total chance by maybe even less than 0,5%?

  3. Conspiracy? I think education campaign on the wonders if bacon.
    As for the carcinogenic components i would refer to Adam's coverage of studys and bad research data and conclusions. There's a lot of misinformation regarding meat and different levels of processing. Peta may do lots of good work in some areas but their info on vegan diets is straight up propaganda. Fat and salt doesn't cause cancer. Now sugar on the other hand. . .

  4. Not your best work Adam. You rely on the same statistics manipulation that you warned us about in your pregnancy episode. Oh the irony. Also, people like bacon because its umami flavor profile is completely unique in the food world and is about as perfect as you can get chemically to be universally enjoyed by all flavor palettes. Finally, I never trust people who use meaningless buzzwords like "processed" or refer to cancer as some monolithic disease, while completely ignoring its complexities.

  5. I feel like it might be a correlation not a causation that processed meats cause diabetes and heart problems, it only makes sense that people who can’t control their appetite (90% of obese people) gravitate twords tasty foods like bacon and hot dogs, as most people know obesity can cause all the side effects listed in the video

  6. You could compare it to cigarette companies trying to get everyone to believe smoking is healthy. Even when the malboro man dies of lung cancer. While this episode has been a litte over the top, big meat and big sugar have behaved just like the cigarette industry. Look at the obesity crisis in the us (and frankly most parts of europe) and the rising numbers of diabetes. Bacon is just a part of the problem, but we sure need some regulations.

  7. If you didn't know bacon is high in fat, but can't count calories, you're an idiot. Second, that stuff from the butcher (do they still exist?) is hopefully not processed at all, but just a hunk of flesh. Bacon in that form not any worse than any other red meat. Third pigs are better than cows because we can feed them literal garbage instead of foodstuffs. That said I don't eat much red meat, the stuffs bad for you.

  8. how about we just eat what we like we are all going to die anyway whats the point of losing couple years

    Also studys show that eating a carrot once a day can cause cancer so your point is invalid. Everything in moderation

  9. Yes it is bad for you but not everyone that loves bacon is a fanatic, yes I love the taste and could eat it every day but I don't wear shirts or bacon memes, it's just delicious food, and as for cancer, I mean, it's not like things are gonna be getting better any time soon, the enjoyment of bacon out weights the length of life.

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