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Raph goes on a very dope and fly date. CH Shorts – Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade.

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40 thoughts on “Honest Interracial Date | CH Shorts

  1. On my first ever date, an elderly guy stopped by our table and told us that we were really sweet. Definitely a weird moment. I don't know if it was because we were different races, or the same gender. I think he had good intentions, but it was kind of uncomfortable.

  2. The good thing is being able to borrow your white partners privilege. Example: ask your white partner to order chicken so you don't look like a stereotype. Next, if you want to complain about how cold that dish came out but you don't want to be the black person sending stuff back to the kitchen, get your white partner to complain. Hey. On the way home when y'all get stop by the cops, ask your white partner to speak for you both. Wait, you won't even have to ask, they know the drill. See. Borrowed membership has its fucked up privileges.

  3. I’ve had the random props thing happen before. Not for the interracial part, but for being gay.

    I mean, sometimes it’s pretty cool and helps me relax in a new setting (e.g. “hey, there are some definitely-not-homophobes who would help if we did run into homophobes tonight”) , but other times it’s just so. Awkward.

  4. This. My husband is El Salvadoran, and we have 3 kids , and we always get OMG you’re kids are gonna tan so well, and I wish I taught my kids Spanish, and the spice thing is one point! He can’t handle spice at all, and I always ask for hot sauce.

  5. It’s weird I’ve never once thought about interracial relationships being a ‘thing’ I mean my parents are in an interracial relationship so I guess I’m one of those babies that would look so cute or whatever I just never thought about it all my relationships have been interracial and it’s never come up I didn’t know until legit a couple years ago that like people had a problem with them getting married even my nan I grew up thinking it was the most normal thing in the world

  6. Do one on racially ambiguous people. A lot of folks think that I am Arab or Latino or half black or even Filipino. I am none of these things but it's actually pretty fun to watch people try to guess what I am. I grew up in a pretty white neighbourhood and at my high school that was about 10 other people that weren't white. I remember this really cool black guy who would act pretty normal around everyone else but to me he would talk to me as though we were in the hood. It was fucking cool. Generally people just assume you're the race their most comfortable with if they can't tell at a glance. I am for the record mostly southern Italian and bit North African.

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