Framing Someone for Murder is So Awkward | Kingpin Katie

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50 thoughts on “Framing Someone for Murder is So Awkward | Kingpin Katie

  1. Ha! Very funny, She looks like a female midget Joaquin Phoenix.. 🙂 They are funny together, I like blonde chick as the straight. I still laugh every time I think about the basketball sketch. I think we would really "get along" well even if I am from Mississippi

  2. Hey i live in eagle rock near cindys on Colorado, and that is not the interior of it. Classic establishing shot being somewhere completely different than the interior shot

  3. Normally shock humor is what gets me but idk this was just really lame
    Maybe it's just me because there's allot of people saying it was a great video
    But I just thought the joke wasn't funny

    Nvm just noticed all the criticisms are overshadowed by the ass kissers

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