Force Awakens Is Just Like Phantom Menace

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22 thoughts on “Force Awakens Is Just Like Phantom Menace

  1. It's nothing like it you retard. You act like you smart but you really know nothing you clueless bat stop assuming stuff. This video makes no sense and all Star Wars movies has a young guy and a brunette. What do you want. Pink hair so shut up idiot

  2. most starwars movies are created on the premise of a mass fight to the death betwean the whites and the blacks,
    excuse me. tell everyone that this is the theme of the party your so hyped about. oh yeah obviously the whites win, after all whites are soooooo superior and the best plot twist was the leader of the "whiteside" descovering his father was a black. this is so not messed up.

  3. Welp it's just like phantom menace all over again ! People singing its praise and barely any kind of criticism when it first came out, yes that happened. Everyone thought phantom menace was the best thing ever until they took their nostalgia goggles off and saw it for what it really is…

  4. Ah, and the problem with this analogy being that one is of course objectively better than the other. The Phantom Menace was a disorganized, poorly written mess of a movie. It honestly left me wondering if they even cared about the universe they were representing. This is star fucking wars, not some hokey bullshit sci-fi movie. That's where the force awakens excells though. The dialogue was clever, the cgi was realistic enough, and the acting was great. I left the theater feeling like I just experienced a star wars movie. That's something I hadn't felt since before the prequels.

  5. Ok hate me for saying this but it was a disappointment. Not that it was a bad movie, but overhyped. Granted it fixed the problems with the prequels, but it made original trilogy problems too.

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