Fantasy High Cast Reflects on Season One

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41 thoughts on “Fantasy High Cast Reflects on Season One

  1. This is so bittersweet, because I just found out that I won’t be able to get Dropout, since I don’t have a creditcard, and thus can’t see the rest of this show. Please, please, please add PayPal as a payment option, I beg of you!

  2. Honestly I never really make actions on videos but this has been one of my favorites series on youtube hands down. Seeing the newest upload of this here makes me so excited. Way to go College Humor you guys are killing it

  3. I play different pen & paper systems for a few years now and I am sooo extremely happy that this amazing series exists. And I hope that for many people this might be the start of their own experiences of pen & paper…

    … but please make dropout payable by something else than credit card, many of us don't have these in Germany

  4. If you'll ever make the next season, here some ideas: some new people (I'd love to see Katie or Adam or Grant) and maybe have some gueststars and finally costume for each player

  5. I've never played the game and not really been interested before, but watched the first episode and Brennan's storytelling had me hooked! Basically getting a Dropout subscription just for this series

  6. I've honestly never seen a D&D game, or know anything about D&D, but this show has me binging it like crazy. Brennan is AMAZING, and the rest of the cast are playing it with such engagement, that I just cannot get enough! The improv is just magical, this is one of the very few shows that keep me laughing loudly, as well as gasping of shock when something happens. I want so badly to play D&D now, it's insane! Thank you so much, guys <3

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