EXTREME Interrogation – w/ Christina Hendricks! (Fatal Decision)

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34 thoughts on “EXTREME Interrogation – w/ Christina Hendricks! (Fatal Decision)

  1. Yea, she's got a great set of cans and her face is something else (even BETTER than her bod) BUT what makes her AWESOME is she does stuff like this! She has a sense of humor and from everything I heard about her she's just unbelievably cool….She's my all time fave as far as actresses go, and her husband KNOWS how he totally lucked out and is grateful for every day being with her, so he gets my respect too! Also, this clip was funny…Great job! ??

  2. When god created this world he must've been like I'll create the most beautifulest creature in the world. And he did. Christina Hendricks is the most sexy woman ever to exist. She's got a sex appeal from a different planet. No one is close to her sex appeal. It's hard to match since she's got everything perfect that a woman has. Extremely Curves, beautiful face, sexy looking eyes, red or blonde hair, and the most perfect breasts you ever see. The sex with her would be non stop. Once you kiss her there's no letting go. You go missing for weeks.

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