Economic Crisis 2 (Jake and Amir)

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50 thoughts on “Economic Crisis 2 (Jake and Amir)

  1. If she lost half her retirement, she was investing really poorly, possibly single stocks. Stick with good track-record mutual funds. And even the worst recessions fully recover in 5 years or less! On average the market recovers in 1-2 years.

    Don't pull out your money when things go south. Just wait it out. The only people who get hurt on a roller coaster are ones who get off in the middle.

    Just some free advice for Karen.

    Edit: Also, Amir, your box of money DID depreciate in value, at an average of 4% per year, the rate of inflation. That's why investing in nothing is just as bad as losing money. Tip: You don't "lose" money until you liquidate! Keep your investments where they belong… in the market!

  2. I dread the day when I will finally have watched the last of these episodes. One day I'll jump from video to video only to slowly and sadly realize that I have watched them all.

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