Drunk History – Key Moments in the Civil Rights Movement

At the height of the civil rights movement, Claudette Colvin, the Little Rock Nine and Gwendolyn Sanders all fought against racism with profound bravery.

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28 thoughts on “Drunk History – Key Moments in the Civil Rights Movement

  1. I don’t think 🤔 that the history shouldn’t be told drunk 😵.. this is black history month.. and I believe that you should tell it right.. to be taking seriously 😳.. there is so much going on right now.. let’s do this right please

  2. Every drunk history about race has THE most dislikes.
    That should say something. It's ridiculous. Chrissle is one of my FAVE narrators, and it makes absolutely no sense that her videos get such a high dislike ration compared to others.

  3. And yet in 2013, the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act of 1965 essentially claiming that racism was no longer a problem despite part of the progress being due to those requirements for state voting changes to be pre-cleared by Congress. Since then, states have introduced discriminatory voting tactics like closing polling places and voting roll purges. Racism must be kept in check by the law because the sinful heart of mankind doesn't seem to be getting any better.

  4. My grandmother was training to become a nurse when the bombing at the 16th street church happend and she was the only white person to work with the little girls who got injured she was fired for having unprofessional political affiliation.she was reared in Peoria Illinois so she wasn't racist like the other people she was working with. Irony is that as she got older she became very close minded and racist as hell

  5. I feel pretty outraged by what happened to Claudette Colvin. Since she was young and pregnant they set up a better representative? Not that Rosa Parks wasn't a great lady. I think that any black person standing up for injustice in that time period in the South was crazy brave. But in the years that have passed Rosa Parks is as famous as MLK. To find out it was set up is pretty disappointing. I guess I had not realized she worked for the NAACP during this time period. I think it actually makes the story worse that they were trying to force a pregnant teen out of her seat, in the colored section, because the bus was filling up.

    I feel so sorry for those with such hate in their heart. Sadly it will never change no matter how hard we try.

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