Drunk History – Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club

In the 1960s, a young Gloria Steinem poses as a cocktail waitress at the Playboy Club to research an expose on its sexist work environment. Watch full episodes …

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34 thoughts on “Drunk History – Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club

  1. it didnt seem like gloria wanted to do it at first. good thing she had a man to tell her what to do. men are better at feminism. thats no teven how you properly bunny. every bunny is taught to dip down as to not expose your cleavage or back side. these videos are funny but you are ignorant of the subject matter. just the fact that steinman went through the physical in the stirrups shows that she has no self respect or courage of conviction. i love nothing more than a leftist walking face first into hypocrisy. sweet nector

  2. And yet women still continued to do that job, in the hope of bagging a rich guy and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Funny how feminism never tackles hypergamy.

  3. Is it just me or is Katie Nolan the cutest thing you've ever seen? I'm not talking about physically, clearly she's very pretty, but her personality. Hilariously and greatly (albeit drunkly) told story, very interesting too as always. But she is just the most adorable person ever imo.

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