Drunk History – Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks

The NAACP takes notice after an African-American teenager named Claudette Colvin gets arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus. The Comedy …

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50 thoughts on “Drunk History – Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks

  1. Wasn't Cladutte pregnant asf tho also Rosa wasn't in the white section she was in the beginning of the black section once the bus gets full they make the black section smaller so white people can have more seats

  2. Claudette Colvin is still alive today…. If you are white, or black…. and ever get the chance to say thank you, DO IT! It's not just black history, it's American history…

  3. Happy to hear someone FINALLY talk about Claudette…. I get a little pissed when I hear that rosa parks was the first to refuse to give her seat up. ESPECIALLY when I hear black folks talk about how rosa parks was the first to do this. I'm white and I've been knowing about ms colvette…. and just because ms parks was light skinned she became the poster girl 🙁 I think it goes to show just how bad racism was (and still is!), that the black community had to find a light skinned, "non threatening ", African American to be the face. Props to Comedy Central for helping expose the truth!

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