Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

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38 thoughts on “Don’t Pay Your Student Loans

  1. How bout you buy it with the rest of the 143 THOUSAND dollars in you bank account you god damned schmuck. Seriously buy some bonds dumbass, no one needs that much money in you SAVINGS ACCOUNT!!

  2. College is just an expensive resume filler. I learned more for my career after a year of working then in 4 years of college. Save the 40-100k and just say you went to college!

  3. Don't take the student loan and don't go to college. Getting a job has everything to with your connections and nothing to do with where or what you studied 90% of the time…

  4. what's really f*** up is the fact that the American dollars actually worth nothing right now in the United States is 63 trillin dollars in debt the amount of jobs out there is f**** lackin and everyone still thinks I'm not going to Allah is what that we're not going to have a f**** Financial collapse if you think we're not going to have a financial collapse your dumbass

  5. If you join the military, and say serve a 3-5 year term in like the national guard or something, then your student debt is voided by the GI Bill, your kids can go to college for free, and you're able to get free if not timely medical care for the rest of your life. Life hack.

  6. Third is why people think this generation is shit. If you don't want to pay back the money, don't take the money in the first place! Entitled brats who can pay and don't are really crappy.

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