Doggy Prank: Peeing Fire Hydrant

Click here to subscribe: Another hidden camera gag for dogs! This time, the fire hydrant strikes back by peeing …

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41 thoughts on “Doggy Prank: Peeing Fire Hydrant

  1. The King of the Hydrants summoned his royal subjects.

    "My loyal citizens!" he boomed with an almighty voice, "we have been tormented, stripped of our dignity by those filthy hounds. For ages, we have endured their mockery!"

    "But no more."

    The King raised his voice as to be heard by all. "Tonight, we shall have our victory! Tonight we shall have our…REVENGE!"

    An earsplitting cheer of pure bloodlust arose from the eager crowd. The rage and fury of every fire hydrant, young or old, began to rise. They sought no more than to punish their tormentors…

    And so…it had begun.

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