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In this funny dog video, man’s best friend is terrified by getting his nails done making it an America’s Funniest Home Videos original. SUBSCRIBE: …

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15 thoughts on “Dog Pedicure | Dog | AFV

  1. The dog was definitely Not Hurting!! Dogs don't say ow ow when they are in pain. They yip, etc. Dogs Hate having their nails clipped! This little cutie was just nervous. My sweet little Chihuahua fights me when I try to clip her. Thisnails. Now its the groomers problem! Kudos to this guy for obviously starting this at an early age so his dog accepts it. (But will never like it) This video and dog are adorable!!!!!! Ow ow ow …lol!!!!

  2. Just a dog displaying his dislike without using his/her teeth. Nervous that dad will quick him/her is all. Kudos to sticking to your guns and getting the job done. Most wimpy owners give up when the dog acts that way. Kudos to you actually clipping your dogs nails. Grinding them works better and actually a more gentle procedure.

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