Dating with Footnotes: Valentines Day

Your date might stink, but your breath doesn’t have to. #TimeToShine. #Sponsored by @orbitgum FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: …

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31 thoughts on “Dating with Footnotes: Valentines Day

  1. A video that has to show their sponsored product in it is one thing, a commercial masquerading as a video by a channel I watch is far worse. But, what bothers me the most is, you don't chew gum right before eating. It actually changes the taste of the food, and not for the better. You'd chew the gum after the meal, to get rid of aftertaste or to help with the breath. You'd think a gum commercial would know that.

  2. i thought this was a college humor video when i clicked on it but then when he pulled out the gum i was like wait and legit checked the channel to make sure i hadn’t been watching an orbit commercial for the past 2 minutes

  3. This…. Was perfect. I don't even mind that this was an ad. See? Gary V was right. Instead of forcing dumb ads on us and interrupting our videos, make quality content and we will gladly watch it.

  4. Please don't do this again College Humor. I know you guy's need to make money and stuff, but really??

    Feeling cheated, and definitely buying Extra next time I need a chewing gum.

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