Daredevil Kid Fails | Funny Kid Compilation

The next Evel Knievel right here! Check out some of the funniest kids trying stunts and tricks…and failing most of the time! Daredevil Kid Fails | Funny Kid …

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26 thoughts on “Daredevil Kid Fails | Funny Kid Compilation

  1. Some people*
    THAT POOR DOG!! Those people definitely don't deserve to have a dog if they will treat it like that

    Other people*
    OMG!! The dog is fine. People need to relax. If you had a dog, you would understand

    Is the dog ok? Yes. Is it sad? Yes. It was fine although, I do feel kind of bad for it. It didn't look that bad, like it took a little stumble

  2. One time I was sledding off a tall hill, I fell of my sled I did a twist flip and guess what I couldn't believe what happens I landed back on my sled!!!!! Then I dabbed and hit a big block of ice

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