Cole Kleen (Seth Rogen) Is Jim's New Pro-Climate Change Weatherman – The Jim Jefferies Show

The Jim Jefferies Show has a new weatherman, and he’s much more optimistic about the future of the planet for some reason. Subscribe to Comedy Central: …

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38 thoughts on “Cole Kleen (Seth Rogen) Is Jim's New Pro-Climate Change Weatherman – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. The crazy ass people with this… the world is ending bullshit lmao! If you think its ending you are as crazy as Al Gore who said the same thing years and years ago. It 8s all bullshit China and India Russia plus all of the other countries are not doing anything so for us to do all this bullshit means nothing 😉

  2. it won't be so long now before humans make themselves extinct with the damage they're doing to the planet. After the infection of humanity is gone the planet will repair itself.

  3. Please don't send them back, most of the crazy Conservative ethnic Europeans Immigrated to America in the past, making a Progressive Northern and Western Europe possible, we don't want them to return !!!

  4. I guess aren't aware that the earth has been much warmer in the past and the little bitty creatures actually survived as did the earth. I guess Ignorance really is bliss

  5. It's funny how they're making it seem like the right thinks the Jews controls everything, when they have a sitting member of Congress on the left that is openly antisimetic, I wonder what Seth thinks of Omar?….

  6. If we shoot all religious freaks and conspiracy loonies into space we solve the environment problem instantly. Denying the environment catastrophe should be made illegal grrrrr

  7. The only constant is change. That's true about life. And it's true about the Climate. The climate has been constantly changing since the earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. For example, in just the past 2000 years, we have seen the Roman warm period when it was warmer than today then came the cooler Dark Ages, followed by the medieval warming period when it was at least as warm as today, then we had the Little Ice Age, that drove the Vikings out of Greenland, and most recently, a gradual 300 year warming to the present day. That's a lot of changes. And of course, not one of them was caused by humans. During the past 400,000 years, there have been four major periods of glaciation, meaning that vast sheets of ice covered a good part of the globe interrupted by brief interglacial periods. We are in the one of those periods right now. This is all part of the place to see an ice age, which began in earnest two and a half million years ago. It's still going on. which means that we are still living in an ice age. That's the reason there's so much ice at the polls. 30 million years ago, the earth had no ice on it at all. So then what about carbon dioxide. The great villain of the global warming alarmists, where does that fit into this picture? Not as neatly as you might think. Temperatures and carbon dioxide levels do not show a strong correlation. In fact, over very long time spans periods of hundreds of millions of years, they are often completely out of sync with one another, over and over again. Within virtually any time frame, we find the climate changing. For reasons, we do not fully understand. But we do know there are many more factors in play, than simply the concentration of co2 in the atmosphere. Factors such as the shape and size of the Earth elliptical orbit around the sun. Activity from the sun, and the amount of wobble, or tilt in the Earth's axis, among many others. Even the relatively short 300 year period from the peak of the Little Ice Age to the present, has not been steady. The latest trend has been a warming one, but it began nearly a century before there were significant carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels. And there has been no significant warming trend in the 21st century. Contrary to media headlines, the trend over the past couple of decades has been essentially flat. Meanwhile, human caused co2 emissions are higher than ever about 25% of all the co2 emissions from human sources have occurred during this period of no net warming. So what are we in for next? Will the temperature resume and upward trend, will it remained flat for a lengthy period or will it begin to drop? No one knows. Not even the biggest fastest computers. All the information I presented the increases decreases and plateaus in temperature over the ages and into the last centuries is available to anyone who wants to seek it out. Yet to state these simple facts is to risk being called a climate change denier. Not only is that absurd it's mean spirited. Its absurd because no one not even the most fervent skeptic denies that the climate is changing. And it's mean spirited because to call someone a climate change denier is to intentionally link them to people who deny the Holocaust. So maybe it's time to stop the name calling. Predicting the climate, One of the most complex systems on earth with thousands of inputs, many of which we don't understand isn't an exact science or anything close to it. Maybe it's just a tad arrogant to suggest that we can predict the weather or the climate or just about anything. 60 years from now. The science is not settled. The debate is not over. The climate is always changing. It always has and it always will.

  8. California sucks all the rivers dry, drives everywhere they go, drink bottled water constantly, these liberal elite cucks are the largest consumers on the earth. Then they sneer at the right? Hmmm….

  9. Now, make the same joke but the weatherman is muslim and Mohammed is portrayed on TV.
    Interestingly enough, those who “defend” climate change from the left, still drive cars, watch TV, wear clothes made with oil-based product but to “appease” their conscience, support idiotic programs like the “green deal”, I wonder when comedy central will make fun of that?

  10. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has become the Ministry of Fear. If it’s members stop pushing climate terror, they lose their jobs. Niagara Falls has frozen solid two winters in a row, and millions of Americans suffered record cold and punishing snowfalls in March, yet the IPCC’s anti-carbon global warming hysteria continues to be promoted by our media and politicians.

    The Left brands fossil fuels as villainous, but America would quickly come to a halt and starve without them. We make food with energy, so no energy means no food. History has proven that windmills and solar panels do not work efficiently, reliably, or continuously enough to replace fossil fuels. Biofuel farming has raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world while increasing, rather than decreasing, environmental damage.

    Why doesn’t the Left demonize the real killer of life on Earth, Mother Nature? At this moment the Yellowstone Supervolcano is building up enough pressure to kill us all, and is predicted to cover much of America with sufficient volcanic ash to collapse buildings and make agriculture impossible.

    The test of intelligence is to determine which threats are serious. If you study Earth’s climate history, you will find there is no authentic evidence that carbon dioxide has ever controlled Earth temperatures. CO2 constructs and powers all life on Earth. Our bodies contain 18.5% carbon by weight, and all of our food is made with carbon. Carbon creatures fighting carbon is suicide, not science.

  11. 11132 yrs ago the glaciers retreated for the last time ( of 3) in geologic terms that's 2 winks an a whisper , climate is change , man made alot of soot , pinitoba prolly made more , the earth will abide , humans are unnecessary to Earth's goals. No foolin

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