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A very smart and loveable cockatiel named Nanners sings If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands. SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance …

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46 thoughts on “Cockatiel sings If You’re Happy You Know it and Talks | AFV

  1. My cocktail loves doritos and he loves for you to hold him and rub the back of his head he falls asleep 😀 but we taught him, somewhere over the rainbow and now he wont shut up. Lol. When i am eating cereal or soup he will hang off the bowl to get some and he will scream very loud if he doesnt get what he wants. He also loves to look at himself in the mirror. He already rui.d my head phones too and picks at my eye lashes it gets annoying but i still love him

  2. he sings a messed up version of the song,, ADORABLE
    when i got my bird he was just a fledgling and i taught him if your happy and you know because of this video,, he also signs a messed up version of it tho. he likes signing along whenever som song is on, and he is such a spoiled little guy. Cinnamon like to eat with us at the table and we put a little plate in the middle and he steals something from all of us and puts it in his plate, then he eats. These are an amazing type of bird and ive had cinnamon for like 4 years and hes flown away twice. the first time he was gone he was lost for 3 days, i lived in miami at this time. And the second time was in texas and he flew but never got out of sight, we called him for about 20 minutes and he finnaly flew to my moms head where he let me grab him. He is a sweetie but we never force him out of his cage. we just leave it open. He has eating hot choclate and cookies his whole life and he is VERY healthy. I reccoment every one to get their birds microchipped becuase the first time we had to look for him and i called and called him and he yelled back at me after about 2 hours of looking on our third day looking. BTW dont feed your bird choclate because he might not have a good reaction to it soo yeah. currently he is on my shoulder and this is his absolutlely favorite vid. oh and they pick one mate for life and his first one was murdered by a cat so the others weve tried to hook him up with they just wont get along a lot.

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