Chris Hardwick: You F**king Make America Great – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

In the wake of the 2016 election, Chris gives discouraged Americans a heartfelt post-election pep talk. Watch full episodes of @midnight now — no login …

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25 thoughts on “Chris Hardwick: You F**king Make America Great – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

  1. Here's another idea: Sit back and watch the right-wing extremists drive us once again to the brink of global economic collapse. Maybe if we all find ourselves standing on bread lines and eating at soup kitchens with only republicans to blame the mental defectives might get an inkling that the GOP is not on their side.

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  3. It's easy for white people to stay and work on making America great again. People of ethnic backgrounds are risking their lives by staying here to try and do so. I live in one of the most liberal and progressive areas in the country but have already been targeted and felt the white-lash.

  4. don't give the false info, president does matter. and is the countries Representative, and Trump came legally even if u can not support him just acknowledge the fact he won, as did Obama, is obama supporting trump? NO… just recognition is enough. and is the right, after winning, as Electoral College happen to imply, which is Constitutional, and 100% legit.

  5. Instead of asking people why they voted for Trump, the better question would be why did all or most of you voted for Hillary? This is a woman who was a Senator, under Bush, who voted to go into Iraq. Then as State Secretary Hillary, under Obama, went into, and overturned the government and destabilized the Middle East, with Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya and Iran (soon), as well as, meddling in Egypt, Yemen and Afghanistan. How many people were killed, lost their homes, displaced, etc.. Also Hillary is pro-planned parenthood, who kills over 300,000 babies per year. I did not know this was all acceptable to you my brothers and sisters? Especially since these babies are predominantly black, Hispanic and poor whites. Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger referred to blacks a weeds that needed to be eradicated. Hillary admired Margaret Sanger and wrote a paper about her in college. I didn't know this was aligned with Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Show me where??? Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood and pull us out of the wars. He does have a problem with ISIS. Don't we? Trump wanted to put a temporary ban on Muslims to figure out how to vet those coming in because although most are good, there are those who want to do us harm. After all we invaded and destabilized all the countries I listed above. Vetting is a process every country does. So again, how does Hillary align with Islam? Anyone??? The wars? Abortions? What? Hillary also referred to Hispanics as 'taco bowl' and 'needy Latinos'. Blacks as 'super predators'. Many of her supporters as clueless'. lol i'm A muslim btw and i don't support donald at all, but he's way better than Hillary.

  6. Yeah, that's great, but remember that for all of our work at "making America great" or whatever, the last Republican President lied to the world to start a war that still hasn't ended, and then left office with the second largest economic collapse in US history. That was 15 years ago, so tell us all how a new President will be chosen in 4 years and everything will be fine.

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