Chris Hardwick Seeks to #FreeTheNipple on @midnight

After seeing that Miley Cyrus’s photo had the nipples blurred, Chris Hardwick unleashes an epic rant. #FreeTheNipple Watch the full episode: …

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48 thoughts on “Chris Hardwick Seeks to #FreeTheNipple on @midnight

  1. He made a very wrong and stupid comments. Men's and women's nipples are exactly alike! Men's nipples can also produce milk when given the same hormones that make women's nipples produce milk.

  2. free the nipple is a retarded idea. but at least you wanna make tit pics more accessible to teenage boys and let them touch themselves sooner. only hoes wanna show their tits off. only hoes ever cared about breaching the dress code at school.

  3. If Chris Hardwick wasn't famous, Youtube would ban this video and hit the account that posted it with a "community strike."


  4. Angry, insecure old biddies who hate their own titties have husbands, or sons who were lawmakers, they then influenced them into making young pert breasts Tabboo! Topless jogging may cause more car accidents than heart attacks, but censorship is more harmful than honesty.

  5. No but for real I don't get how the news stations and other media outlets can talk in detail about things like rape and murder and other types of violence and atrocities but can't show a mother fucking nipple on tv or in magazines or just anywhere because the nipple and the female breast is so sexualized here in America and Americans see sex as shameful and wrong.
    As though tits and nipples are so detrimental to our youth and morals; not the countless stories of kids who are kidnapped and murdered or raped by family and strangers alike… no that is fine for kids to hear but they better not be shown a female breast or nipple or their entire future might be compromised and the young lad may spend his whole life as a sexual deviant lusting after girls.

  6. Here's an interesting idea.
    I'd take a bunch of those "Please, think of the children!" folks and present them with two sets of photos.
    One would be a horror movie scenes or footage of murder, shooting, violence and all sort of nasty stuff and the other one would be photos of nude models. Nothing sexual mind you, just a bunch of pretty girls posing nude.
    Then I'd tell them that they have to choose one set out of those two and explain them to their kids. You can't opt out, you must pick one.
    I'm interested to see what results would be.

  7. I think it is bullshit that's the only part we can't show on TV, we should be using black bars like when I was a kid for the whole rack if it wasn't properly covered , I don't need my kids getting sexy thoughts when they're 6 and then taking that out on their classmates before I even know what the fuck has happened, now my kids has a record, and an established encounter with some other child; that A. forces me to uproot my family and move school districts and B. gives my son Spankbank material he'll be using for the rest of his life propagating the neurology of a pedophile effectively giving himself that as a sexual orientation and being deemed the enemy of society.

    As much as I want to slap Miley's tits around and bust a wad on her face as I call her dad a shitty parent on the phone, I don't think It would be healthy for my kids, or anyone elses for that matter, to see full on tit in the oversexualized context we all live in in the west. I'm fine with taking my kid to an art museum with nudes where I can educate them that it's about beauty and mastery and the human form, I can't really say that about softcore porn airing during dinner now can I?

  8. I just have to say I think Fallons audiences are the best behaved out of any American talk show I've seen. I would like to thank all of you for not being obnoxious loud mouthed over expressive cunts :]

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