Choosing Majors is Hard

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47 thoughts on “Choosing Majors is Hard

  1. How to pick a major
    don't just make a decision purely based on a future paycheck. You don't know what the future will be. Especially if you don't any clue what job market is demanding. their will be people who tell you do the current "hot major" then in 10 years the job market is flooded and you can't find work or your not suited for that major and you waste your early half of college and have to play catch up.

    Do your research see what jobs are in demand where *you live*. Decided how far your willing to relocate.
    Like I had a friend who went the engineering pathway thinking he'd make a bunch of money like a lot of people commenting saying go into STEM blindly. Used to joke about how I chose business and I'd have to struggle post graduating. I'm doing fine got a nice office job that I like.
    What they won't tell you is that with good STEM jobs you either have to be willing to travel a lot or move to a thriving urban center. My friend can't find job in his suburban town far away from the city and he can't afford to relocate. So now he's stuck with a shitty job in a small factory. He's recently been asking me about Accounting because where he lives that's the good job in high demand.

    To do research just look at government labor statistics and job application websites. If you pick a job where you got to move start planning how you could move there now form a budget and start saving. If you can't move think about freelancing sometimes you can do it remotely online.

    Pick something that your good at and you can see yourself doing long term. Job markets no matter what are competitive so you should strive to the best at whatever you chose. Learn skills that can supplement your major.

    Practical majors (Business, Law, STEM) tend to safe bets but you've got to figure out how to stand out. It's usually a good idea gain as much experience as you can so do things like internships or possibly apprenticeships.
    while less practical majors (Creative, Academic: aka Liberal arts) the more important networking and getting your name out is. So lets say someone chooses to be English major they shouldn't wait till graduation to start publishing. They should be submitting short stories and talking to people in the industry while they are in school. Relationships are key.

  2. Balance your chemical equations, and don't forget all your products. Also sodium becomes smaller once it donates its electron to the chloride ion. And space them apart, the bond is ionic not covalent.

  3. I’m starting Psychology at uni in the autumn; I’m kind of nervous but also really excited 🙂 I’m kind of sad my country doesn’t have that major/minor system at uni – I would have loved to study more than one thing

  4. There are no bad majors except Political Science and Philosophy. PoliSci teaches you stagnation, Philosophy lets you have a severe case of the dunning-kruger, and being partially responsible for all the science skepticism and technophobia in the West.

  5. Yesterday was the last day of school for my summer classes and we had to present our major, income, demand, life expenses, etc.
    Most of my classmates are into child development and make less than $35k a year. I was like: why are you even in college? Go to any job that pays $14 an hour.

  6. honestly relateable me right now except all I really want to do is fly and create videos and meet new people and learn everything, but on my own time. being in class is suffocating but also school is cool. anywhere where was I? cool video, even tho sponsored

  7. Can't go wrong with bankruptcy lawyer, auto mechanic, or mortician. There will never be a time – even during economic recessions – that your services are not in high demand.

  8. Heads up from a college grad: dont go to college for audio or visual arts, social theories, or literature. In the real world, college is for necessary skill set jobs like pre med, engineering, computers, anything in the STEM field basically. You dont have to complete a business degree to beome a manager. Business fields usually care about people with experience before you get considered for a promotion OR its all about having great social connections. Some cases, you need an MBA to get a specific high end manager job, but that still depends on who you know that will reference you to get there.
    English, history, literature, communications, gender/ethnic/social studies are a joke, UNLESS your goal is to get a PhD so that you can teach at a university. Of course, many middle class to upper middle class jobs will only hire you if you have a bachelor's degree. They dont care what you studiesld, as long as you have it, youve completed a basic requisite. There are many people who graduated with a specific degree and are doing something totally unrelated to it. Its getting very competitive as the population increases and people have more access to education. A college degree alone is not enough sometimes. MOST of the time what gets you far is either proven experience, or knowing people in high places who can get you a good position. Job resumes can be a make or break just from who your references are. Take the opportunity to get to know people, get involved with various activities that show leadership and step out of your comfort zone.

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