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37 thoughts on “CH Live: NYC — Stuckey and Murray

  1. The song I mean "exactly" is the song that I commented on. Duh! A few of my fave things, SOund of Music. John Valby did this almost 30 years ago with lyrics " tying my nuts up in Roy Roegers lasso, Hamburger Helper being pounded up my asshole, flossing my teeth with used tampon strings, these are a few….. Hope that was specific enough.

  2. They totally stole this idea/concept from John Valby, AKA : Dr .Dirty. I used to think these guys were up and coming stars. Now I just see them as idiots at an open mic who don't think anyone will notice they're telling a street joke. Go on tour with Carlos Mencia, you stealing, unoriginal sociopaths.

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