Blind Man Sits On Wet Paint Prank

Blind man needs some help finding a seat and these people direct him straight to a wet paint bench. A presentation of the Just For …

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20 thoughts on “Blind Man Sits On Wet Paint Prank

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  2. What the fuck is your problem… last I check i did not comment under your post… i understand perfectly you moron seems like you're the one having trouble understanding. Stop making yourself look like an idiot!

  3. I understand perfectly I'm one of the people in the video I was making reference to another commenter clearly you are the dummy and need a map drawn so you can understand…not the other way around no need to act like an idiot you are making a fool of yourself

  4. @ missflo88 a blind man asks a stranger(the victim) for a place to sit, and they lead him to sit on the bench that was wet and he gets paint all over him. The painter starts freaking out, and he has paint all over his clothes, so the victim starts getting scared. Hope I cleared that up.

  5. LOLOLOL… “Just For Laughs” totally rocks! I think that this “fake wet-paint stains” prank is one of my five favorite JFL gags. This gag was performed in several different ways; here are all of the other JFL versions that I’ve found so far; just type each of these phrases into the YouTube search window to view each of them:
    “just for laughs – the park bench”
    “just for laughs – wet paint on bench”
    “Wet Paint Bench”

  6. I also liked the “tongue checkout scanner” prank; to view it, just type “Tongue Scanner Gag” into the YouTube search window… notice the cute ladies’ adorable sneaky mischievous smiles. 😀 Also check out the “separating into two halves” taxicab pranks: just type: “JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Splitting The Taxi” into the YouTube search window for the JFL version, and then type: “EPIC split taxi prank” into the YouTube search window for the German taxicab version.

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