Bleep Bloop: Q & A

We’re taking questions from you over Xbox Live while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. See more at check us out …

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41 thoughts on “Bleep Bloop: Q & A

  1. New Vegas is terrible compared to Fallout 3. That could be due to 3 being my first Fallout experience, but it was the best game I ever played. I was terrified to venture into the wastes just in case anything happened. New Vegas didn't have the same effect, unfortunately.

  2. @PSU1and1Eagles but u have to pay for online and at dorgaorfa if u mean WHEN ps3 network got hacked in the end they let EVERYONE 2 FREE GAMES AND A BUNCH OF EXTRA STUFF

  3. Zombies are smart enough to ambush you, trap you, break your skull in such a way so your brain stays fresh and good for them to nom nom on, so.. I wonder..why do zombies, never ever carry guns??

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