Bleep Bloop: Ninja Gaiden, Then & Now

How have two decades impacted the way videogames portray ninjas? That important question and many more will be answered in this week’s episode.

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34 thoughts on “Bleep Bloop: Ninja Gaiden, Then & Now

  1. they were right about the dismembering (removed in all the future releases)…too bad they didn't see the series becoming a lot easier. the difficulty between Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 should have been a slight hint at the decreasing difficulty in future releases.

  2. new ninja gaiden.
    a note with a location written on it where a note is placed with a weapon, a person's name, and the person's basic information.
    you must sign the note with your mailing address to receive your next target… I mean to get to the next level.

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