Bleep Bloop: New 8-bit Games

This week’s episode explores brand new Mario, Donkey Kong, and Mega Man games for the original Nintendo.

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41 thoughts on “Bleep Bloop: New 8-bit Games

  1. Dark Daze or whatever probably got hired by some video game company based on his work…designing a whole game redesign by yourself that gets popular on the internet has to look real good on a CV.

  2. So would it take more or less than 16 months to make a hack to a more modern game, because I have an idea to make a mod for Portal 2 that replaces all the robots in the single player campaign with humans.

  3. Well this was insulting to watch.. :/ Maybe get some one on here that knows what he is talking about?… it have the contrast of people that are new to the idea vs some one thats probably never heard of the series. Just some random people from CH wont make it creditable. .

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