Bilbo Gets Trolled

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  1. 4:22 "Um, Actually…" — Mike didn't specify that it was "The Walking Dead" TV show for the question. In the comics, Abraham is killed much earlier by a crossbow bolt through the eye, fired by Dwight (the death the writers gave to Denise in the TV show instead). So that could also have been a correct answer.

  2. Um Actually, The dragon question is entirely subject to canon. If you're going by D&D standards it would be strongest you weakest black, red, and the other three are based on battleground.

  3. Um, actually, red dragons are solitary and engage in much more in-fighting, while blue dragons are more social, with a rigid hierarchy that would allow them to organize and implement military might and discipline under a suzerain, so while red dragons are slightly more powerful individually, blue dragons are more powerful as a species.

    …I may have had a blue dragon army as a looming threat working its way across a continent in a campaign once.

    Also, it's harder to get resistances for their breath attack than for reds', as they breathe lightning, not fire, and every damn thing does fire.

  4. Um, actually… Wyverns are dragons. But not all dragons are Wyverns. Wyverns just lack distinct forelimbs that are integrated into their wings. Dragon lore has generally evolved into considering the term 'dragon' as an overarching class, with sub-classes of different types of dragons.

  5. I've played a lot of pathfinder society and I've fought a fair few dragons but never the classic chromatics. It's always weird shit like a magma dragon, chaos or nightmare dragon it's kind of annoying really sometimes you just want to hear the classic and kill and skin them.

  6. I killed my first dragon just last week. Been playing D&D for over a decade but never fought one cause all my DMs had that same thought process. "Oh, it's too obvious, let's fight something else. Dragons are boring!"

    I've killed every variety of giant, most demons, liches, beholders, mindflayers, vampires, ghosts, death knights. Even the mighty Tarrasque. Honestly, so fucking satisfying to FINALLY swipe my D-Card.

  7. I remember the last time that I fought a dragon as a player it was a part of a starter adventure in Pathfinder (another role playing game similar to DND) that my dad was leading my siblings and I through. As a final boss there was a baby black dragon. Now this might be a little unbelievable but I swear on my mothers life that it’s true. My Dwarven Fighter almost single handedly killed the dragon in 3 turns, by rolling two critical hits with a dragon bane sword we found earlier in the level. In DND this means rolling two twenties. In pathfinder to roll a Maximum damage Critical hit you have to roll 2 twenties in a row. In order to do two full damage critical hits I rolled FOUR 20’s In a ROW and killed the dragon on the third turn of combat. I did the math the chance of that happening was 1 out of 160,000.

    TLDR – I once rolled 4 twenties in a row and killed a baby black dragon as a first level character

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