Big Tobacco’s Saying Sorry (Because They Legally Have To)

Big Tobacco’s court mandated apology, from the heart. Sponsored by truth. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: GRANT: …

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28 thoughts on “Big Tobacco’s Saying Sorry (Because They Legally Have To)

  1. Its funny because the Truth Campaign is funded and run by big tabbaco so they reverse engineered the marketing to make this video to be not remember-able while spending as much on production costs as possible to meet their government mandated spending amount along with not releasing it on spotify and holding the rights so this video can not be remixed and most of all posting this video on a dieing comedy channel. This is litterally one step up from running on the onion.

  2. You know biggest reason I used to smoke was the social aspect. Smoking is a social sport and it sort of forced people to talk to each other. One person asks for a lighter and then you start talking and smoking together. It's nice. It's one of the few things that really makes people meet new people quickly. I'm still fucking glad I quit though. I just miss that part.

  3. Can we Millennials get an apology from Big Education for screwing an entire generation, telling us we're losers and can't succeed without a degree? Can we get an apology from Big Ed for all the lies constantly propagated in the culture that if we just get a degree, ANY DEGREE, that we would have a guaranteed decent job and to just not even think about it, to just take out the Student Loans to get it done?

    Oh and can we get an apology from Big Education for astronomical hikes in tuition costs because of their persistent, consistent insistence that Student Loans were no big deal, and because so many millions were taking them out, Big Ed was getting money,no questions asked, not having to answer direct to consumers, so they just kept hiking and hiking and hiking the costs because they could?

    Big Tobacco is nearly obliterated at this point. I say your next Truth campaign needs to address Big Education.

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