Ari Shaffir & Mat Edgar – Camping on Mushrooms – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

In this extended clip, Mat Edgar and Ari Shaffir describe doing a bunch of drugs, trying to find the set of “M*A*S*H” and running into some suspicious police …

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28 thoughts on “Ari Shaffir & Mat Edgar – Camping on Mushrooms – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

  1. Everyone should try LSD atlas once in their life, do half a tab to begin with on your first go because obviously its not regulated but its just something everyone needs to experience, simply the happiest best drug ever, makes you feel like a new born seeing everything again for the first time

  2. Awesome story, obviously great friends. I can totally relate… had a really similar story in Laguna Beach, California. Me and some friends were hanging out and decided to take some mushrooms for our first time. As we were waiting for them to kick in, we were sitting on my porch smoking weed and drinking beer. It's like 8pm, but cops get called for a noise complaint. They come up to the deck with flashlights. We got weed and beer on the table in front of us and we're super paranoid because we don't know when the mushrooms are going to kick in and what they're going to do to us. The cop is super chill though he says alright, so do one of you guys have your medical card? Luckily we had one friend with a card and the cop says alright so you were all watching this guy smoke weed? and we all say yeah. Cop says and the beer is your dad's so your gonna take it inside. Then he notices my friends piece, "The M420" if any of you are familiar, and he says that's really cool how does it work? The cop calls up his buddy and says come check this out! Turns to my friend, can we see you hit it? So we have two cops shining flashlights on my friend smoking weed out of his M420, the cops both agree we're all chill and leave us to have a good time. We have a great night walking around downtown and the beach, tripping on shrooms, smoking weed and having an awesome experience. We decided to leave the beer out of it. The mushrooms don't hit too hard. We all become better friends with a memory that will keep us together forever and met some super chill cops that blew our minds!

  3. Duuuuuude…..wouldn't that state trooper get in trouble for Ari telling this story? They're going to figure out when that all went down and what state trooper went to the scene. Unless they really don't give a shit. All good.

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