America, You’re Doing It Wrong: Tipping – The Jim Jefferies Show

As part of his ongoing series on the things that America just does plain wrong, Jim takes a look at the service industry’s tipping system. Subscribe to Comedy …

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33 thoughts on “America, You’re Doing It Wrong: Tipping – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Just remember when you do this that food prices will go WAY UP! Restaurants now are hesitant of hours and overtime costs for servers in the $2.50/hr range. start paying them if and the increase in cost to you will be the 20% and the server wont get that as a wage.
    TLDR: Higher Price for Consumer/ Lower wage for Employee

  2. At an in-store cafe type place in New York I once had to tip because the server picked up my carrot cake from a counter and placed it on the table. I already had my drink and the counter was 8 feet away from me, I could have easily picked it up myself!! … confused, is that service?

  3. I live in Berkeley, CA. Several local restaurants have attempted to get rid of tipping. Most have failed. The customers hated it- fewer options and increased prices. The staff hated it- less money and increased taxes(shhh,don't tell anyone but servers underreport their cash tips)The owners especially hated it because an increase in wages means more payroll taxes. These restaraunts had customers complaining about a policy that was adversely effecting their bottom line so they went back to tipping.

  4. I love all the assholes coming out of the woodwork who interpreted this video criticizing tipping culture as "hey, tipping is stupid, so don't do it." All that does is hurt the serving staff and make you look like an asshole who doesn't accommodate the local customs, or thinks making a fucking point (to whom?) is more important than your server's livelihood.

  5. 15?!?! It’s 20%!!!!!! God damn it. And u shouldn’t be rating ur server. Just tip 20% if you feel like they were xtra cool or hooked u up in some way then tip more. Only if the server was rude to u, u can tip 15%. Not cause they or kitchen make a mistake, they’re human. Does ur pay get cut if u make a mistake at ur job? Just don’t be a cheap asshole and be appreciative. Worst that can happen if u tip xtra is that you just made someone happy…

  6. I've lived in a country where tipping isn't expected. Needless to say there's a lot of waiters/waitresses that are rude. Can't blame them, why would you even try harder if you're getting paid a flat rate anyway? That's one advantage of a tipping system, however it's an advantage to the business owners, not to the staff or customers.

  7. I'm confused by the whole tipping thing. I was going to tip a waitress once, but she started to scream when I tried to put it in. I tried to explain "just the tip" but it didn't help

  8. After going abroad, outside of U.S. I was shocked at how bad the service was. Trying to get anybody to pay attention or come back to your table was nearly impossible. So tipping works, in that they have to do a good job or they won't get tipped. Servers should get paid more, but tipping seems to improve service.

  9. The stupidity of this video is that those who work on tips tend to make more money than the minimum wage. Think it through. If you're a waitress and you handle an average of 3 tables an hr, and they tip you an average 5$, you are making 17$ an hr. Which is why servers tend to always be against removing tipping and getting paid min. wage. But, rich liberals don't understand how the real world works.

  10. What really gets me is why tipping is based on the price of the food. If I go to one restaurant and order a steak, baked potato, salad, and a beer and it costs me $25, then if I leave a 20% tip, the server gets $5. If I go to a different restaurant and order the same meal, but it costs $50, the server gets $10 on a 20% tip. Hypothetically, if both servers provide the same level of service, why does one get tipped twice as much as the other?

  11. I fucking HATE when I go somewhere for breakfast or lunch and get it to go but the receipt still asks for a fucking tip…. Like what the fuck the cashier wants a tip for ringing up what I just ordered??? I always just give a $1 even tho nobody had to wait on me just to not look like an asshole but still it makes me rage especially when the cashier looks at the receipt to see if I paid like WTF?!

  12. Tipping was originally a method of not paying freed slaves.

    Now it's a method of not paying wage slaves.

    Fucking pay your employees a living wage. Stop expecting taxpayers and customers to subsidize the lives of your employees.

  13. Republicans where I'm from in Florida don't tip well. They don't even tip money, they give tips in the form of cards that say, "Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior? Come to [CHURCH NAME HERE] and Jesus will give you the tip of saving your Soul!" The last restaurant I worked for banned those cheap bastards. They say they didn't know that Servers only make a literal few dollars an hour and that they actually live off their tips. By the time I left, if paying by credit card, 15% tip was charged to the card automatically. Customers were notified beforehand, of course. In my opinion, Servers should get full wages and if customers choose to tip, that's their business but since the government allows Servers (who are mainly women in the US) to be paid less than minimum wage, that's why people should tip regularly.

  14. Tipping by percent is so stupid. What's the difference between you bringing me a plate of lobster or a plate of wings? The more expensive thing I order, the more I have to tip?

  15. I don’t mind tipping but here’s what doesn’t make sense to me. The percentage. My daughter is a server currently at a supper club. In the summer and fall she will pull down $250-$300 some days in 6 hours worth of work. A light day is $125ish. Depends on how many huge parties she gets. If my wife and I go there, we will spend $75 on a meal so we tip $15. In Green Bay, we will go to the Brett Favre Steak House and drop $130 if we don’t get mixers.

    Meanwhile. If I stop at some small mom and pop diner, my server is bringing me food. Refilling drinks, all the same work and a total bill of $30. She gets $6. I usually give $10 in those cases. That server is also bussing their own tables.

    In other words. Same good service. Just more expensive food. Translates to higher tips.

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