Always Open with Dave Koechner (with Jessica Biel)

IF CUTE COULD KILL… LIKE us on: Dave and Jessica discuss Yeti survival skills and other useful …

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30 thoughts on “Always Open with Dave Koechner (with Jessica Biel)

  1. She is a really cool gal. I would not have put up with him, which is why I could never be an actress.  I really liked the place and seating, but the mirrors, no way.  Dennys has the best cherry cokes that I've ever had. There are Dennys all over the US, I think.  Denny's Restaurant probably doesn't know about the plug/endorsement.  My favorite joke was with her on Punked..

  2. krispy kreme committed one million crimes, and made out with every girl in the world. of course he rapes people how do you think he committed the one million crimes?

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