AFV Funniest Fails December 2018 | Fresh Fails 6

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11 thoughts on “AFV Funniest Fails December 2018 | Fresh Fails 6

  1. America’s Funniest Home Videos,LOL your videos always make me laugh I’m very glad to be apart of this channel,by the way,are you ready for Christmas,I am,and also,I know the lyrics to the original theme song:we’ve got laughs from coast to coast, to make you smile, a real life look at each of you,to capture all that style, you’re the red white and blue,the funny things you do,America,America,this is you, stories from your friends next door, they’re never told,you might be a star tonight,so let that camera roll, you’re the red white and blue,oh the funny things you do, America,America,this is you! Please reply AFV and let me know how I did on the original theme song

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