A Planet Full of Appetizers

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26 thoughts on “A Planet Full of Appetizers

  1. Long time viewer no more fan, because: um, actually Tom died a lot of times, due to his Horcrux being destroyed, some of those deaths taking place before those of Sirius and Dumbledore.
    (I am not sure on wether those can actually be counted as deaths and will still lurk upon the upcoming videos)

  2. Um, actually, Ally’s answer to the shiny question was correct because the body of Tom Riddle died in Godric’s Hollow, putting him after Lily in the order of deaths

  3. Um, actually, commenters saying that they forgot to add "Um, Actually" to the video title: They haven't done that since episode 1 of Season 2, when dropout started. They didn't forget to add it to the title, they just don't do that anymore, what they DID forget was to add it to the Um, Actually playlist as Season 2 Episode 13, and they added season 1 in backwards. You all did NOT receive the point as your correction was incorrect and not what they were looking for. 🙂

  4. Um, actually, Arceus was first introduced to the Pokemon franchise in The fourth generation of games, specifically, in Pokemon diamond and pearl. Also, While Arceus is believed to be the 'god Pokemon', It is stated in it's pokedex entry that Arceus began as an egg before the existence of anything else, after which it created the universe. Additionally, The pokemon most associated with time travel would actually be either Dialga, Who is believed to have dominion over time in the pokemon universe. Celebi is also known to have the ability of time manipulation, however, based on the plot of the explorers of time and darkness game, this seems to be to a much lesser extent than dialga. Also, I believe it was established specifically in the jewel of life pokemon movie by one of the characters that Dialga and Palkia were in fact given their powers over space and time by Arceus, Thus making it impossible for them to rewrite their role in the creation of the universe without removing the events which lead to their birth and their inheritance of their own powers.

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