90’s Obstacle Course

We had the Valley of the Boom cast judge our very own 90s Challenge. Since flip phones are making a comeback, we thought 90s game shows should, too.

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31 thoughts on “90’s Obstacle Course

  1. There we go. 90s weren't that far in the past by BBC takes it to study and show us like a part of History long go, and it is. The People from that age have drastic differences with the people
    of current age. It was just 30-40 years ago, but the change of mind is seen clealry. I was born in the 1995 btw. i've seen some of that stuff and even have done myself.

  2. Blowing on the cartridge seems to have worked for the (S)NES, but I never once did it for the Sega Genesis.
    Probably because Nintendo SUX!!
    (Of course, I kid, since we all know how that rivalry turned out.)

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