1,000 Exploding Bats

Did you know you can induce hibernation in bats by refrigerating them? Did you also know DROPOUT.TV is available WORLDWIDE? App …

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27 thoughts on “1,000 Exploding Bats

  1. Gotta say guys, I wish there was I way I could watch dropout content in a similar format as the free version of Crunchyroll. I love lots of your content and you could make hella ad cents off of me and others alike!

  2. That was cool, but not entirely accurate. They didnt shut down the project because it would have taken another year to develop. It was shut down because the bat bomb was made obsolete when the first atomic bomb was invented.

  3. Actually the bomb was well thought out. They were near caves that were filled with millions of bats so they were never low on supplies, the bats themselves could fly easily even at twice their weight, and they needed no food while in hibernation. The tests were actually successful as it would have created much more fires than any current bomb at the time.

    The only reason it was scrapped was because of a time issue. The atomic bomb showed more promise and the extra year delay meant they focused more on the atomic bomb. A bit said too since they believed this bat bomb would have caused around the same amount of damage as the atomic one but many more lives would have been spared.

  4. "Bat bombs" were dismissed due to the development of napalm-based bombes. The bats were a perfect weapon against Japan with its wooden structures and the bat's natural instinct to seek and hide in attics. Napalm bombs were just better and cheaper.

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